Ecclesial food collection

Ecclesial Food Collection

An easy way for many of your ecclesial members, even children, to become active in compassion toward the hungry in your area is to set up a regular process for collecting foods for donation to a local charity.

There could be a particular Sunday each month for bringing in the foods, or even just once a quarter to ensure excitement about the project.  You also could just have a location for putting the foods available always, every Sunday.


  1. Secure approval of your arranging board
  2. Identify the charity you will take the food to. Obtain their advice on what they need: non-perishables only, or can they use fresh breads and produce?

Then you’re ready to begin. Announce the project well in advance, including details about what type of foods to bring and what types not to bring.  Encourage everyone, maybe even get some other brothers and sisters, or Sunday school students to help with such tasks as loading a car for delivery of the food or being the one who makes the delivery.

While we are pleased to be able to provide grants and initiatives to our Brothers and Sisters, there is a real cost associated with these efforts and so donations would be greatly appreciated. The Garden is comprised entirely of volunteers and 100% of funds received are put towards future initiatives and support programs for our North American Christadelphian community. Donations can be made on our donation page or the WCF website.