soup kitchen


Soup kitchens serve the homeless with quality meals in many communities, especially medium to large cities.

The food is usually donated, often supplied by local food banks or grocery stores. A soup kitchen may offer meals at both lunch and dinner time or just once a day.

Volunteers are often needed to work behind a cafeteria-like line and serve the various dishes to those who come in. They in turn will find a table for eating the meal and companionship. Volunteers to cook the meals are possibly not needed, but it’s always worth asking!

Some soup kitchens will have collected small bags of hygiene supplies to give out. Others may have set up system to prepare meals-to-go and meals to be taken to shut-ins. So another need for volunteers will be to prepare such ready to-go meals and perhaps to drive them to shut-ins in a Meals-on-Wheels program.



Locate a soup kitchen nearby that you’d like to volunteer at. Find their webpage or other contact information. Learn about them at their website or call their volunteer coordinator. Volunteer as an individual or organize a small group of brothers and sisters to go together.

While we are pleased to be able to provide grants and initiatives to our Brothers and Sisters, there is a real cost associated with these efforts and so donations would be greatly appreciated. The Garden is comprised entirely of volunteers and 100% of funds received are put towards future initiatives and support programs for our North American Christadelphian community. Donations can be made on our donation page or the WCF website.