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The quickest way to find a local charity to work with is through a simple Google search. A search term consisting of your location, plus the terms ‘young adults’ and ‘charities’ often gives a good list of local choices (e.g. “Simi Hills, young adults, charities”).

There are also a number of national organizations with local sites or chapters, possibly one near you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the larger ones:

  • Bethany Christian Services. 89 locations in US, none in Canada. Their site has a complete listing by state, under the Locations tab.
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters, United States / Canada 300+ agencies in US, 108 in Canada. On the US site, go to Contact US > Find Local Agency Enter your zip code to view a listing by state. On the Canadian site, go to What We Do > Find an Agency Near You. View a map and list of local agencies, or enter your location.
  • Youth for Christ, United States / Canada 130 US chapters, 37 Canada chapters. In the US, find the Find a Chapter tab. You’ll be able to search by state or page down the long list on the right. In Canada, find the Find a Location tab. You’ll get a map and detailed listing.
  • Covenant House 25 locations in US, 2 locations in Canada. Mostly larger cities. Go to About > Locations. Here you’ll find a listing of their homes.
  • Finally, many local churches will also have support ministries for older teens and young adults and can be a good resource.

If you have any questions, please email initiatives@thegardenoutreach.org