Many families in North America experience food scarcity and children go to bed hungry. The Grow2Give initiative encourages and engages families and individuals to learn about God and nature, the value of food grown in the earth, and our responsibility to provide fresh food for the hungry.

There are several ways for you and your family to participate! Choose the one that works best for you!
If you have any questions before you get started, email us at initiatives@thegardeoutreach.org

OPTION 1: Build a Garden

The Garden will give you a $25 grant towards building a garden. Garden gleaning will be donated to a local charity of your choice.

OPTION 2: Grocery Grant

The garden will give you a $25 grant to go shopping to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables to donate to a local charity of your choice..

OPTION 3: Receive a Gardening Kit

The Garden will mail you a gardening kit, to go with online lessons, for kids to learn about growing both physically and spiritually.

Each night in the
united states, almost
of homeless people (approx. 200,000)
are found sleeping
in sidewalks, parks, cars, or abandoned buildings.
Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/The-State-of-Homelessness-in-America.pdf