We’re happy to share the following stories and experiences, as written by individuals and ecclesias who have participated in outreach initiatives.

Our hope is that by sharing these stories, others will be encouraged and inspired to do the same whenever the opportunity arises (Galatians 6:10).

December 2020
Simi Hills Sisters’ Class
Southern California
Recipient: Interface Children & Family Services
Initiative: Bags of Love (Care Packs) Initiative 2020
The Sisters of the Simi Hills Ecclesia (Southern California) were able to deliver 40 Bags of Love/Care Packages to Interface Children and Family Services a few days before Christmas. Interface supports six different shelters in our county; some of the shelters are for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, and some are for youth …
December 2020
Oregon Coast Ecclesia
Newport, Oregon
Recipient: Grace Wins Haven
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
We delivered our sleeping bags to the local Homeless Shelter yesterday, Grace Wins Haven in Newport, Or. It was starting to rain and there were lines of people needing help, standing outside. This was best photo we could get as people are only allowed inside one at a time. It is called shelter, but really …
December 2020
Southern New Hampshire Ecclesia
Nashua, New Hampshire
Recipient: Greater Nashua Mental Health
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
Because I work with elderly/disabled in subsidized housing, I’m in continual contact with our local service agencies and their case managers. I knew right away who could and would distribute the sleeping bags most effectively to the people who needed them the most. The Greater Nashua Mental Health Center works with clients both staying in …
December 2020
North Bay Ecclesia
North Bay, Ontario
Recipient: H.O.P.E.'s Heroes
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
Our brothers and sisters, We thank you for sending those sleeping bags to us for the homeless in North Bay. We included the cards you sent too, with a personal note on each as well as a Bible and suggestions for Bible readings. Your provision for those in need is a real blessing and demonstrates …
December 2020
Pittsburgh Ecclesia
The bridges and overpasses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Recipient: Saturday Suppers
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
Pittsburgh is known as the “City of Bridges.” There are 446 of them that cross three major rivers: the Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio. In fact, there are more bridges here than any other city in the world. Even Venice, Italy has fewer. As Christadelphians we all are in the business of bridge building—both interpersonally and …
November 2020
Cataumet Ecclesia
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Recipient: Department of Children and Families (DCF)
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
Here’s a picture of Nate with Bags of Love delivery. He unboxed them and brought them to his friend’s mother, Lori, who is a DCF employee locally. Their office is closed now due to COVID, so we could not get pics at the site.  The other two pics are of texts from Lori explaining how …