The Garden is an initiative of the Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation, which strives to help individuals, families and groups (ecclesias) grow their faith.

We aim to be a catalyst for good by supplying faith-building tools. We also seek to inspire and galvanize collective purpose by bringing together faith-seeking people in common service.

We’re focused on faith because it is bedrock to knowing God and it is what pleases Him. Faith matters because it defines our life—forever. We are founded on Biblical principles expressed in the hope of the Gospel—the gift of His Son and the coming Kingdom of God.

We’re committed to the simple premise that together we can cultivate more faith. The Lord has formed us for collective purpose, expressed in the Bible’s frequent refrain—Our God, His people. Simply put, we cultivate more faith when we work together, arm in arm.

WCF helps people grow their faith through programs designed to meet the need at hand. To the poor, we show faith through humanitarian assistance provided with outstretched hands and Christian integrity. To those whose faith is waning, we rekindle it through shared service and an uplifted spirit. To the young, we provide transforming programs to prepare and inspire lifetimes of faith.

Faith is precious and needs careful tending. We’re committed to doing all we can to help it grow around the world. We hope you will join us in whatever way you can. Give your time. Give your financial resources. Give your encouragement. We welcome you as partners in this noble journey.