We’re happy to share the following stories and experiences, as written by individuals and ecclesias who have participated in outreach initiatives.

Our hope is that by sharing these stories, others will be encouraged and inspired to do the same whenever the opportunity arises (Galatians 6:10).

September 2021
Kits4Kids – Barrie Ecclesia
Barrie, Ontario
Recipient: Johnson St. Public School, Barrie, Ontario
Initiative: Kits4Kids
Our Ecclesia in Barrie, Ontario accepted The Garden’s generous offer of backpacks for needy children & took up a donation to buy supplies. On Thursday, I shopped for supplies to fill the backpacks for the needy children at Johnson St. Public School, Barrie, Ontario. On Monday, Sept 6, myself & a few members from our …
September 2021
Kits4Kids – Guelph Ecclesia
Guelph, Ontario
Recipient: Hope House
Last week we completed the Kits for Kids backpack initiative at the ecclesia. 44 backpacks were filled with items for the Kindergarten to Grade 2 age group. Things like pencils, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, markers etc. were put in each bag. The packs were dropped off at HOPE House. They were already co-coordinating a …
September 2021
Kits4Kids – Melancthon, Ontario
Dundalk, Ontario
Recipient: Highpoint Community School, Dundalk, Ontario
Initiative: Kits4Kids
The 24 backpacks we kept have been packed and delivered. They looked really good when loaded up and we were pleased with the end result!! Our family worked on getting the items to put into them and another family also bought some items. So, all in all we were very happy with how they turned …
September 2021
Kits4Kids – Stoughton Ecclesia
Stoughton, MA
Recipient: Jonnycake Center
Initiative: Kits4Kids
I thought you might appreciate some pictures of the Stoughton Ecclesia filling the backpacks, with the supplies that were donated by the members. Also attached are pictures of the Jonnycake center, where they were donated.
August 2021
Kits4Kids – Independence, Oregon
Independence, Oregon
Recipient: Henry Hill Elementary School
Initiative: Kits4Kids
On August 3, 2021 I met with Monica Rodrigues, Teaching and Learning Administrative Specialist for the Central School District and the Administrator of Henry Hill Grade School in Independence, Oregon to see if the school had a need for school supplies. She informed me that they serve the communities of Monmouth, Independence and other rural …
August 2021
kits4kids – San Francisco at Marinwood
Rodeo, Contra Costa County, California
Recipient: John Swett Unified School District
Initiative: Kits4Kids
Thank you for sending the backpacks. They have been filled and delivered to the John Swett Unified School District. Bro Jerry Hirst is on the left in the blue shirt and Superintendent Miller is on the right. School starts tomorrow and the needy students will be well-served with the filled backpacks. Thank you again for …