We’re happy to share the following stories and experiences, as written by individuals and ecclesias who have participated in outreach initiatives.

Our hope is that by sharing these stories, others will be encouraged and inspired to do the same whenever the opportunity arises (Galatians 6:10).

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May 2023
Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie
Women & Children's Shelter of BarrieBarrie, ON
Thanks so much for coming in today with such a wonderful donation! We can’t thank you enough and I know how big of an impact that makes on our residents here at the shelter. So thank you for helping us remind our women they are not alone. On most nights, we have over 30 women …
April 2023
Verdugo Hills Ecclesia
LA Family HousingVerdugo Hills, CA
The Verdugo Hills Ecclesia in Southern California has been active donors for decades to a local nonprofit called LA Housing. Their mission is to end homelessness in the lives of children and adults across Los Angeles. Our ecclesia has helped in donating such things as the makings for Thanksgiving meals, gift cards, useful household and …
March 2023
Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia
The Angel's ClosetStroudsburg, PA
Once again this Spring, the Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia donated to The Angel’s Closet in Stroudsburg PA. We have contributed to this organization for the past four years, providing baby essentials such as formula, diapers, infant clothes and baby hats knitted by one of our sisters. These items are assembled into layettes for needy mothers and …
January 2023
Stoughton Ecclesia
Stoughton, MA
Sis Jen Dineen and I coordinated with the Stoughton MA ecclesia and along with the grant money we received donations from members to fill the boxes.  Our “boxes” were drawstring backpacks.  We filled them with essentials like toothbrushes and toothpaste, tissues, feminine products, snacks; Bibles, handwarmers, gloves chapstick; wet wipes; bandaids, razors, combs and then I …
January 2023
Lancaster Ecclesia
Walter Street MissionLancaster, PA
“This is the third time our ecclesia has donated sleeping bags. This year there were blankets, too. The two boxes were delivered to our house in two or three days. My husband, Ken, and I took them to the Water Street Mission in Lancaster. A woman there helped Ken hoist the boxes onto the loading …
January 2023
North Battleford, Saskatchewan
The LighthouseNorth Battleford, SK
Thanks so much for arranging the sleeping bag and blanket delivery! Everything arrived safely and sis. Tamar and I decided to split them between the two local shelters here in North Battleford, as both expressed a real need for the bedding when sis Tamar contacted them. The first donation went to the Lighthouse emergency shelter …
January 2023
Portland Ecclesia
Looking Glass Community Services’ Rural ProgramCottage Grove, OR
My husband Eric and I live 150 miles away from our ecclesia in Portland, Oregon.  We were very happy that WCF’s Garden Project enabled us to deliver 20 sleeping bags to a charitable organization in our local community in Cottage Grove, Oregon for the third year. This year we were also able to deliver 24 …
December 2022
Lincoln City, OR
Coastal Support ServicesLincoln City, Oregon
We live in Lincoln City, a small town on the Oregon Coast, before we moved here we vacationed here for years. During that time we were completely unaware of the discrepancy between rich and poor that both call this place “home”. Now that we do live here, full time, our eyes have been opened. I …
Bags of Love
December 2022
Barrie Ecclesia
The LighthouseBarrie, Ontario
The Barrie Ecclesia members requested the Bags of Love and the $250 grant to support a local homeless shelter in one of our nearby communities.  The Lighthouse in Orillia provides meals, overnight emergency accommodation and supportive housing to those in need.  The bags, supplies bought with the grant, and a collection of donated supplies from …
December 2022
Verdugo Hills Ecclesia
Foothill Unity CenterVerdugo Hills, CA
Our family has had the privilege to volunteer for the last 18 years at a local Food Pantry called Foothill Unity Center. Foothill Unity Center serves 11 cities who have neighbors experiencing food insecurity and homelessness. I also worked part time as one of their volunteer program managers so I know very well the heart …