The Garden’s mission is to inspire the North American Christadelphian community to share Christ’s love through outreach initiatives that show compassion to our neighbours and provide assistance for their immediate needs.

Outreach and Initiatives

Join an outreach initiative! There are many ways to get involved in outreach. The following initiatives are available, all of which can be joined at any time. Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, just email us.


Register today and receive a cash grant of $100USD ($135CAD) to purchase and donate food to a local charity. Involving our children in this initiative helps show them they too can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Download the free activity books! PreK – Grade 2 or Grade 3 – 6


Register and receive 24 FREE backpacks to support children affected by poverty. Donate to a local outreach group, make a connection, and show the love of Christ to people in need.

Bags of Love

Please help the homeless this year and donate sleeping bags to your local charity! Sign up today and we will send you 20 FREE sleeping bags to donate to your local homeless shelter.


Educating and empowering individuals, ecclesias and CYCs to serve at-risk teens and young adults in their community. Register today to receive 24 FREE backpacks for you to fill with practical essentials.


For those who enjoy knitting, join us on Zoom as we come together as a group to knit gloves, hats and scarves for the North American homeless.

Care Packs

Assemble and donate care packs to your local charity! The Garden will provide a grant to you or your ecclesia for up to $250USD ($335CDN) to cover some of the costs associated with purchasing items.

Stories and Experiences

February 2024
Richmond Chapel
Richmond, VA
Here are a couple of photos from my project. I funded it using the grant and additional donations from my ecclesia. In total, we made 40 emergency food bags! Atlantic Outreach Group was very appreciative of our efforts as they were running low on emergency food bags at the time I made my delivery. Thank … Continue reading
Bags of Love
January 2024
Nashua Ecclesia
Nashua, NH
There was a lot of love delivered last month –and just in time. The balmy weather was on its way out, and the next day was bringing very cold temperatures with significant winds. Shelters were filled sending our unhoused Nashua, NH neighbors back under the bridges to do the best they could. But this time … Continue reading
Bags of Love
January 2024
Saanich Peninsula Ecclesia
Victoria, BC
We delivered the sleeping bags to Sandy Merriman House, Women’s Shelter, Victoria BC. Just the day before it snowed. As the shelter has limited capacity women are turned away when there is no room at the shelter. The staff are delighted to have the sleeping bags to hand in these difficult circumstances. The staff member … Continue reading
August 2023
Springfield Ecclesia
Springfield, Vermont
Our ecclesia members helped purchase items for the backpacks. Our youth group assembled them. We brought them to our local family center. They will pass them on to school teachers who will distribute them to children in need. Great project! Thank you! Continue reading
August 2023
Honesdale Ecclesia
Honesdale, PA
The Honesdale Ecclesia just finished packing up the backpacks for the Kits for Kids program. We met in our basement at the hall and filled the backpacks with school supplies and delivered them to our County Children and Youth Services to distribute to kids in the Foster Care system. Brian Goodman, Honesdale Ecclesia Continue reading
August 2023
Jane Hewitson
Baltimore, MD
I took my two Sunday School students, Simon and Suzy, to Walmart where they helped me select food items from the list provided by a food bank located near our ecclesia hall.  Once we had purchased the items using the grant from Garden Outreach, we drove over to the food bank and dropped them off. … Continue reading
July 2023
Saanich Ecclesia
Saanich, BC
My mum and I went and dropped off the donation mid-June, it was great! I chose to donate to the Saanich Peninsula Lions foodbank, which is located in the town we live in. I gave them a call in advance to see what their most needed items were, and they asked for anything that helps … Continue reading
Boxes of Love
June 2023
Barrie Family Shelter
Barrie, ON
Donation made to the Barrie Family Shelter. Boxes of Love is such an outstanding offer of kindness from the WCF & The Garden. Also, the staff who manage the various grant programs are incredibly helpful in particular Gillian Kenzie and Jason Grant. God bless. Following is a poem that was given to the shelter: In … Continue reading
June 2023
Shelburne Ecclesia
Shelburne, ON
Thank you again for offering this opportunity to help the poor & hungry in our community. My husband, Jim Davin, and I each received a US cheque in the amount of $100 US, for which we each received $130 CAN. We were not able to gather the young people at this time, so we completed the … Continue reading
May 2023
Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie
Barrie, ON
Thanks so much for coming in today with such a wonderful donation! We can’t thank you enough and I know how big of an impact that makes on our residents here at the shelter. So thank you for helping us remind our women they are not alone. On most nights, we have over 30 women … Continue reading
April 2023
Verdugo Hills Ecclesia
Verdugo Hills, CA
The Verdugo Hills Ecclesia in Southern California has been active donors for decades to a local nonprofit called LA Housing. Their mission is to end homelessness in the lives of children and adults across Los Angeles. Our ecclesia has helped in donating such things as the makings for Thanksgiving meals, gift cards, useful household and … Continue reading
March 2023
Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia
Stroudsburg, PA
Once again this Spring, the Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia donated to The Angel’s Closet in Stroudsburg PA. We have contributed to this organization for the past four years, providing baby essentials such as formula, diapers, infant clothes and baby hats knitted by one of our sisters. These items are assembled into layettes for needy mothers and … Continue reading

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

Proverbs 11:24-25