Inspiring conversations about how the Christadelphian community is reaching out in compassion to people who desperately need help. Sarah leads interviews to find out how individuals and ecclesial groups are sharing food, clothing, shelter and love in their local communities, as part of their discipleship and worship.


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Sierra House

Helen Roberts and Sarah Joiner talk about the Schooley’s Mountain ecclesia’s work at the Sierra House home for young women.


Bags of Love and Knit2Gether

Heather Logan Kelly talks to Sarah about how she became involved in two of The Garden’s national projects: Bags of Love and Knit2Gether. Heather belongs to the tiny ecclesia of Langlois on the Oregon Coast, and yet the four members joined in the Bags of Love project in donating sleeping bags to their local homeless charity: The Devereaux Center. Heather also explains how she has been knitting items to donate to indigenous communities.


Adopt a Highway Program

Melinda Flatley talks to Sarah about how the Pittsburgh Ecclesia has been involved in the “Adopt a Highway” program. Keeping a two mile stretch of highway, near their meeting room, litter free has brought members of all ages together whilst giving something back to the local community. Due to the road sign explaining that the Christadelphians have adopted a highway, there have been positive benefits in the ecclesia’s preaching activities.


‘The Seeing Eye’

Ruthanne Giordano talks to Sarah about how she became involved with the work of The Seeing Eye – a charity which provides assistance dogs for the visually impaired. It costs $70,000 to train a dog to assist those who cannot see, but The Seeing Eye only charges $150 due to the generosity of your donations. Ruth has been fostering dogs and helping with their initial training for several years.


Sharing Ecclesial Halls

If your ecclesia owns its hall, are you making the best use of the space throughout the week? In this podcast, Rachel Launchbury and Helen Roberts chat about how the Portland Ecclesia has been renting their building to numerous 12-step groups so the space is used regularly for people who benefit from a safe and quiet space.