The Garden, through WCF, seeks to work together in good faith and with a spirit of brotherly love.

As a Christadelphian philanthropy, we want to edify and build up one another as we grow faith together. I understand you may have some questions regarding WCF’s fellowship position. We would like to provide these reassurances in the hope that you and your ecclesia will join us in our efforts to serve our Lord. We sincerely hope you will choose to take advantage of the faith-building resources we offer. Specifically, we would like to clarify the following:

  • WCF is a Christadelphian charity dedicated to the building up and strengthening the faith of all, regardless of an individual’s baptismal circumstance or fellowship.
  • Our White Fields Program remains a significant commitment to our global body, enabling faithful hands to touch the lives of those who need faith most.
  • Our Build Up Program is supplying vital tools to help individuals and ecclesias grow stronger faith in North America at a time when faith and our ecclesias are more and more at risk.
  • We welcome all fellow servants in Christ to assist in our efforts, those eager to ensure that Jesus will find faith on earth when he comes.
  • As an organization that serves the entire community, WCF is not an ecclesial body itself. We do not offer or extend fellowship.
  • Our White Fields Program has provided significant benefit to Central Fellowship Ecclesias over the past two decades. We have sponsored more than 150 White Field workers in many countries around the world, for service periods ranging from a few months to a few years.
  • We have supported only fieldworkers who agree with the BASF as the basis of fellowship where they are providing mission service.
  • WCF has no role in the many unity discussions that continue in the Christadelphian Community in North America, although from it’s founding the organization has supported the scriptural principle of the unity of the Body.

WCF has adhered to a stated position on teaching and preaching for many years. That statement is this:

All WCF supported mission work and fellowship outside of North America is conducted solely on the basis of the BASF; and all baptisms performed under these WCF auspices into the body of Christ are therefore into the Central Christadelphian fellowship.

In North America, fieldworkers will respect the affiliation of any local ecclesia which may be nearby, or with whom they may be partnered, in order that any converts can receive the maximum amount of fellowship and support. Candidates baptized as a result of WCF fieldworker involvement within North America would become members of either the Central (BASF) or Unamended (BUSF) communities, depending upon the local ecclesia.

WCF is committed to cultivating stronger faith together. With more than 40 years of service to the Christadelphian Community, we believe WCF is uniquely positioned to provide powerful tools that can build faith and to identify best practices in growing faith from which we can all benefit. We welcome the opportunity to share these with you and your ecclesia. Your participation will enrich our collective understanding of and appreciation for the faith challenges we all face today.

We all share the desire to have strong faith when our Lord returns. We sincerely hope you can join our efforts, in any way you can, to fortify faith in individuals, ecclesias and our greater community. We extend an open invitation for you and your Ecclesia to take full advantage of any and all our faith-building tools and programs, in the service of our Lord.

For more information on our activities, please visit WCFoundation.org

In Our Shared Hope,

The Garden Team