“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” ~ Psalm 127:3

With Kits4Kids, we send you backpacks, you fill them with school supplies and donate to a local elementary school or family connection organization. It’s that easy!

Why Kits4Kids? Almost 12 million children in the United States, and 1.3 million in Canada, live in a family with income below the poverty line. In 2020, almost 29 million children relied on the US National School Lunch Program. Kits4Kids encourages Christadelphians in North America to provide tangible support for vulnerable children, helping to foster a more positive view of self by allowing them to “fit in” with their peer group by having access to basic school supplies. These efforts can also open up opportunities to share the Gospel message, such as extending invitations to youth days or public ecclesial social events.

Who it helps

Children in low income families

Suitable for

Individuals, ecclesias, CYCs or Sunday Schools

What you get

24 backpacks

What you give

School supplies, time and compassion

How it Works

Fill out the registration form below
Receive the backpacks
Purchase supplies and
fill the backpacks
Donate the backpacks!
“Our ecclesia members helped purchase items for the backpacks. Our youth group assembled them. We brought them to our local family center. They will pass them on to school teachers who will distribute them to children in need. Great project! Thank you!”
Springfield Ecclesia, Springfield, Vermont

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Thank you for participating! To provide children in your area with a much-needed backpack and school supplies, simply fill out the form below. Once we receive your submission, we’ll be in touch to coordinate the delivery of the backpacks.
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*Available to Christadelphians in North America only.
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NOTE: If the Ecclesia and Secretary don't match our records, your request will be rejected. As much as we'd like to open our initiatives up to everyone, they are currently for Christadelphians only.

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Please Note: It is our duty as custodians of the funds that have been generously donated to ensure they are being used by Christadelphians to serve their local communities. To this end, a follow up email or telephone interview may be required before requests are accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Child poverty negatively affects self-esteem and
confidence in the classroom.
Find out why Kits4Kids and other similar initiatives are important for the mental health of children.