Supporting a Women’s Home with Zoom Life Skills and Children’s Stories

If you can spare a couple of hours each month to be involved with a new initiative for young women and children, we’d love to hear from you.


The Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia has been supporting a home for young women and their children. The home aims to transition young women out of homelessness (or those who have aged-out of foster care) with learning activities that will transfer to lifelong independent living skills. The program plays a significant role in closing some of the personal, career, and academic achievement gaps that exist between homeless and abused youth and their mainstream counterparts. The women are aged 18 – 24. Some of the women are mothers of children, aged 0 – 7. The Garden would like to support the women during this time of COVID by offering, via Zoom:

a) a weekly story time for children aged 3 – 7 and
b) a weekly life skills class for the women.

The story time can be Bible-based – but doesn’t have to be. If you’d like to incorporate a craft to go with the story, we can get the necessary materials to the children to facilitate this.

Life skills classes for the women could be offerings on: nutrition advice, how to build self-esteem, parenting skills, writing resumes, budgeting, cooking, sewing, crafting etc. In short, absolutely anything that would help the women to grow towards independence.

Any necessary training will be given, and you’ll always be with a member of our team when on the Zoom call.

We would like to start the sessions the week beginning Monday, November 2nd to Friday, December 18th, when we’ll stop for the Christmas period. We’ll then see whether the women and children would like to continue in January 2021, God willing.