December 2021
Brantford, Ontario
Recipient: People affected by homelessness   Initiative: Bags of Love

Over the past two or three weeks we have been distributing the sleeping bags directly to the homeless in our neighbourhood. Since we live in an area of the city where there are high needs, it was easier for us to distribute them ourselves. Also we thought if we gave the sleeping to a non-profit to distribute, we might not be able to put any Bible related literature in the bags.

After our first efforts at handing out the sleeping bags with gloves, we realized that homeless people could use even more practical items so we made up bags that included gloves, hats, scarves, snacks, juice boxes and bible basics. We learned that the people we were trying to support really appreciated receiving reusable carrier bags so more interaction with those affected by homeless helped us figure out how we could be of greater help. We pray that the Bible Basics will be of long term help to some of the people we met.

Love in Christ

Sis Grace Butler
Sis Lois Vandenberg