June 2023
Barrie Family Shelter
Barrie, ON
Recipient: Women & Children's Shelter of Barrie   Initiative: Boxes of Love

Donation made to the Barrie Family Shelter. Boxes of Love is such an outstanding offer of kindness from the WCF & The Garden. Also, the staff who manage the various grant programs are incredibly helpful in particular Gillian Kenzie and Jason Grant. God bless.

Following is a poem that was given to the shelter:

In Christ’s example, they find their guide,
To care for others, by His love abide.
Moved by His compassion, they seek to share,
His boundless grace, with utmost care.

Called to love their neighbor, near and far,
To lift the burden, heal the scar.
For in giving freely, they emulate,
The selfless love, on which they meditate.

As always, Love in our Lord
Patricia Ferguson