December 2020
Boston Ecclesia
Boston, Massachusetts
Recipient: Women's Lunch Place   Initiative: Bags of Love

Greetings in The Lord,

The Boston Ecclesia donated the sleeping bags to a Boston area day community called Women’s Lunch Place. They serve women who have experienced trauma, abuse and loss. We felt that perhaps these women may be open to hearing the Good News. The postcards with the Bible verse were filled out with a message introducing the Christadelphians as the donor of the sleeping bag. It included our website and my name as a contact.

The Women’s Lunch Place was very welcoming and seems like a well organized operation. Attached is a picture of my mom, Sister Gail Rundle (on the left) with one of the WLP volunteers.

Now we pray to Our Father that those seeking may find Him.

Thank you to The Garden Outreach for helping the Boston Ecclesia help those in need.

Love in Christ,

Sister Kristen Rundle