March 2021
Church of the Blessed Hope, Unionville
Panesville, Ohio
Recipient: Sub Zero Mission   Initiative: Bags of Love

We dropped off 20 sleeping bags to Sub Zero Mission located in Panesville, Ohio.  They help the homeless stay warm by providing sleeping bags, coats, hats, boots, gloves. They collect these items and deliver them to the unsheltered homeless, during winter in northeast Ohio and other regions.

We also work with other organizations to find the homeless under bridges and in the streets, fields and wooded areas. Many are homeless veterans.

The group I belong to is The Church of the Blessed Hope in Unionville, Ohio; we are affiliated with The Church of the Blessed Hope in Chesterland, Ohio.

The sleeping bags were delivered to people living in woods and outside in very cold conditions. This is what God wants us to do to help the less fortunate.

Your Brother in Christ,
Nick Fazio