November 2020
Davenport Family, Le Grande, Oregon
Le Grande, Oregon
Recipient: Community Connection of North East Oregon   Initiative: Bags of Love

On November 25, 2020 my kind neighbor helped me deliver 20 sleeping bags to Community Connection of Northeast Oregon. This facility works with the citizens of the community that need help getting their life back together. They provide many different services from feeding those in need to providing sleeping bags for those affected by homelessness.

When I called and spoke to Audrey (the supervisor and coordinator) about the Garden Outreach Project and The Bags of Love Appeal project, she wanted to know more. She wanted to know more about our Church Group. So I provided her with information about this Project and shared the WCF website with her. Audrey was impressed with the WCF website and very happy to accept the sleeping bags and wants to work with us on any other future projects.

In fact, as I was saying good bye to Audrey, I opened the door leaving the building as one of her co-workers was entering the building. She commented to the co-worker, “This is the gentlemen that I spoke to you about that is delivering the Sleeping Bags for the homeless in La Grande.”

The people at Community Connection were very thankful for the donation of the sleeping bags. Audrey mentioned to me just as I was leaving that they were going to start handing out the sleeping bags as soon as today.

I shared with Audrey the extra Postcards that were placed inside of every sleeping bag that was to be delivered. I hope the sleeping bag and the postcard will provide not only warmth from the winter cold but a message of hope and loving concern from other people in the community.

I thankful that I was able to be part of this Outreach Project. Special thanks to everyone that helped put this together.

God Bless,
Randy Davenport