December 2021
Stoughton Ecclesia
Stoughton, MA
Recipient: The Gladys Berkowitz Sock Foundation   Initiative: Grants

The Stoughton Ecclesia, applied for a grant from The Garden to kick start this project. If you would like a grant to fund an outreach project, then click here to get started. We would love to support you!

We read an article in the local paper about a woman, Gladys Berkowitz, who started to provide socks for needy people. This woman lived in Stoughton, MA, which is the town where our Ecclesia is located.

She went to the local post office and saw a child without socks on a freezing cold day. She prayed to God asking “What can I do to rectify this situation?” She decided to start collecting brand new socks for men, women and children. When the Covid pandemic hit it became more difficult to drop off actual socks so people started donating money also. The Town of Stoughton worked with her to establish a sock fund which would continue her mission and would also continue on after her death. (In fact this woman passed away in early November 2021 at the age of 96.)

With our Ecclesial building located in the Town of Stoughton too we wanted to be a good neighbor by supporting this local project. Our Ecclesia held a special collection with both money and socks donated. With the help of the Williamsburg Christadelphian Foundation – via The Garden – we were able to donate $950 in addition to quite a few actual socks.

The Town of Stoughton was so grateful for our donations. We got a nice thank you letter. When we dropped off the socks in person we had an opportunity to meet two of the town leaders who accepted the socks and it gave us another opportunity to tell them exactly where we were located and how happy our members were to support this worthwhile cause.
They again were so grateful and asked us to express their gratitude to our congregation. Thanks again for the support from WCF and The Garden.

If you would like a grant from The Garden to fund an outreach project, then click here to get started.