April 2022
Toronto East Ecclesia
Toronto, Ontario
Recipient: Respite Services - Warden Woods Community Centre   Initiative: Bags Of Love
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We would like to thank you for the opportunity to show the love of Jesus this winter with the Bags of Love program. We were able to deliver the sleeping bags we received to a 24 Hour Respite Centre. The Drop-In Respite Centre, run by the Warden Woods Community Centre provides essential supports such as bedding, meals and shower facilities to men and women. It was set up as an emergency measure due to the increased demand for shelter.
Those working at the shelter were very appreciate of the donation of sleeping bags as they are a needed item there. We were shown the areas in the shelter where people were able to sleep for the night. It was a blessing to be able to give a helping hand to people in desperate need. Thank you for running this program and allowing us to participate in it.
With love in Christ,
Dennis and Esther Dawes
Toronto East Ecclesia
P.S. Personal note: we were happy that our son was able to help us with this work.