March 2021
Kenzie Family
British Columbia, Canada
Recipient: Family & Friends   Initiative: Grow-2-Give

The Veggie Growing Kit arrived in the mail just days after ordering. What a great kit!  It contains everything you need to plant four different vegetables –  pots, coir soil pods, seeds, manual and moisture meter. All you need to do is add water to the coir pods and watch as they instantly expand to five times their size. Kids love watching that part! The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and include lots of additional information about seed development to share with your children. 

Once the seeds were planted and pots marked with their bamboo markers, my grandchildren and I talked about the miracle of how things grow and the responsibility of caring for the seedlings. We thought about the blessing of having fresh vegetables to enjoy – “Sunshine golden zucchini”, “Cosmic purple carrots” and just what does a “Watermelon radish” taste like? We also wondered about ways we could help those around us who go hungry or don’t have a variety of fresh veggies to enjoy. 

The Grow2Give initiative provides a simple and fun way to encourage these kinds of conversations. Happy planting, harvesting, and sharing with others!