August 2021
Independence, Oregon
Independence, Oregon
Recipient: Henry Hill Elementary School   Initiative: Kits4Kids

On August 3, 2021 I met with Monica Rodrigues, Teaching and Learning Administrative Specialist for the Central School District and the Administrator of Henry Hill Grade School in Independence, Oregon to see if the school had a need for school supplies.

She informed me that they serve the communities of Monmouth, Independence and other rural areas. Their mission is to prepare students for the future by understanding and developing their potential to the highest possible academic and ethical standards.

They currently have 2 Elementary Schools as well as a middle school under title I, which means the school has students from low-income families that make up at least 40 percent of the enrollment. Because of COVID they are also offering free lunches regardless of income to all students in their district for the 2021-22 school year.

They have 1129 students at the high school level and 776 students at the middle school level with another 1388 students at the elementary level.

Currently they have over 65 students facing homelessness districtwide; this number does not reflect the families who are low income.

The 24 backpacks donated to Henry Hill Elementary School will assist families and students facing homelessness and those who are not able to purchase educational materials. A list was given for what school supplies were needed for the students.

On August 31, 2021 24 backpacks and school supplies were donated to Henry Hill Elementary School. Supplies added to the backpacks were pencil boxes, 12 ct box of pencils, 3 red pens, pink eraser, pencil sharpeners, box of crayons, Elmers glue, glue sticks, scissors, 3 Spiro notebooks, 3 colored folders, 1 pack of index cards and 1 package of Kleenexes.

I would like to thank The Garden Outreach Program and WCF for helping the small community of students at Henry Hill Elementary School in the town of Independence, Oregon. The school is located in my neighborhood and I have seen the need first hand.

I would also like to express the gratitude and thanks on behalf of Monica Rodrigues and the Henry Hill Elementary School Staff. They were overjoyed with all the backpacks donated.

I have been blessed these last few years and was delighted that I could be involved with a great program to help other people in need. I do not have the funds to donate to those in need but I do have the time and a physical body that can help improve the life of my neighborhood as well as my Ecclesia.

Thank you again for this great opportunity to show love to my community.

Love in Christ.
Sister Karan Drahn