February 2021
Los Angeles Ecclesia
Whittier, California
Recipient: The Salvation Army, Whittier Corps   Initiative: Bags of Love

Dear WCF and the Garden Outreach Project,

Greetings from Southern California!

Thank you for your compassionate efforts. I received the sleeping bags last week, it took me a few days to get in contact with a shelter in my area. Originally I wanted to give them to a woman’s and children’s crisis center, but I finally was able to contact the Salvation Army shelter in Whittier, CA.

As we all know homelessness is an epidemic right now; you can see people sleeping on streets everywhere. We can be insulated from this fact, but it is real and here.

Brian, the manager, in the photo said the bags were a BLESSING… and really needed. The photo in the top right is a person experiencing homelessness, in the parking lot, with their “home”.

Thank you and love for all you do! Jesus’ love came to California!!

In service & love

Gloria Johnson

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