January 2024
Nashua Ecclesia
Nashua, NH
Recipient: Nashua Department of Public Health   Initiative: Bags of Love

There was a lot of love delivered last month –and just in time. The balmy weather was on its way out, and the next day was bringing very cold temperatures with significant winds. Shelters were filled sending our unhoused Nashua, NH neighbors back under the bridges to do the best they could. But this time many went back with a gift from our Father via the WCF. Our ecclesia in Nashua went to work as a team: one brother printed a message about the Christadelphians and where to find us on the cards that WCF had provided, and 11 of us brought a lunch and stayed after Memorial Service inserting the cards and getting the bags ready for delivery, then we loaded two cars with 60 bags and 60 throws.

The next day Peter and I delivered the bags to the Nashua Department of Public Health where Director, Bobbie Bagley (left), and her Community Outreach team very happily received them and divided them up for immediate distribution “on the streets.” They were as happy to get them as we were to be able to give them. As brethren in Christ we should “live to give” not only to each other, but to those who may still be strangers to Christ and the Gospel. The sleeping bags, a practical gift of love and the message they bring, will bring some comfort now; but, they may be a seed planted which will grow into a long-term relationship with God and his Son.”

Thank you so much for providing us with the sleeping bags so we can contribute to those needing some assistance in our own community. The WCF is doing some wonderful and practical outreach work. May God bless your efforts.


Jane Dixon,
NH Christadelphian Ecclesia