January 2023
North Battleford, Saskatchewan
North Battleford, SK
Recipient: The Lighthouse   Initiative: BagsofLove

Thanks so much for arranging the sleeping bag and blanket delivery! Everything arrived safely and sis. Tamar and I decided to split them between the two local shelters here in North Battleford, as both expressed a real need for the bedding when sis Tamar contacted them.

The first donation went to the Lighthouse Emergency Shelter, and the second went to Interval House, a women’s refuge and support service. Both organisations were deeply grateful for the donation, and Sis. Tamar and I are so thankful to you and everyone at Garden Outreach for enabling us to help out some of our community’s most vulnerable people. Having established initial contact with staff at these locations, we also now have a better idea of how we can offer them support in the future, and share the blessings that God has given us with others who are struggling in this difficult world. We hope and pray that a door may be opened to preach the saving name of Jesus Christ to some who really need a message of hope.

Attached are two photos taken by Sis. Tamar, who kindly did both the drop-offs, with the permission of staff involved.

Many thanks to you all again, and may God continue to bless your work.


Love in the Lord,

Sis. Zara and Sis. Tamar