October 2020
Picton Ecclesia
Ontario, Canada
Recipient: Kate's Rest   Initiative: Bags of Love

On behalf of our Garden Outreach Initiative, today Dave and I delivered several items to Kate’s Rest Foundation on Big Island. Brian Hart was very appreciative of the many items.

We delivered 11 sleeping bags, 19 Gift Bags, 2 new pillows, 2 new Large T-Shirts, extra bottles of hand sanitizers and a new large winter jacket. We also left 5 New Testament Bibles with Brian, and in his words, he will leave around in case any one would like to read the Scriptures.

Kates’s Rest is located on Big Island, Demorestville and is a property that provides permanent housing geared towards people who were once homeless or were at risk of homelessness.

In 2006 a picturesque cottage resort on Big Island in the Bay of Quinte was purchased and became home for a man who was homeless along with a pastor. From that time forward, Kate’s Rest has been a place where many dozens of people who were homeless, or in immediate danger of becoming so, have found a refuge to call home and an affirming community of support. Right now there are about 17 men and 2 women being housed on the property.

The attached pictures are of the cottages on the property and the other of Brian.

Love in Christ,
Dave & Elaine

Dear Dave and Elaine

Please extend our heartfelt thanks to the Outreach Committee and indeed to the whole congregation of the Picton Christadelphian Ecclesia. Your kindness of New Testament books, clothing, gift and sleeping bags for our community of Kate’s Rest is most appreciated and brings to mind the Christ’s commandment to “love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” The nineteen souls here have already taken in all your kindness offered and will truly be warmed by God’s love and word this winter as a result of your kindness.

Brian Ha (Kate’s Rest)

We had another positive experience yesterday (November 6th) as we dropped off 9 sleeping bags and other products (like baby shampoo, hair conditioner, diaper cream and some toques) to the Wellington food bank. They help those who are poor and cannot afford enough food. Also, they help the homeless and also people who have lost their homes to fire.

All the items were greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the sleeping bags with the couple that received them. We will also have a picture of all the items and the card we included in the bags and left behind some as well. This picture will appear in the local paper and I will send a copy to you.