February 2021
Richmond Christadelphian Chapel
Richmond, Virginia
Recipient: People affected by poverty and homelessness   Initiative: Bags of Love

February 8, 2021

Dear Garden Outreach,

On Saturday, December 30th 2021, the Richmond Christadelphian Chapel’s outreach committee was able to organize and facilitate a day to put together care packs with other members of the chapel while following COVID-19 guidelines.

Before December 30th the Chapel’s outreach committee reached out to members of chapel and listed needed items for the care packs on signup genius. Seventy-six care packs were able to be put together as a result of the $250 dollars from the Garden Outreach grant, additional monetary donations from chapel members, and physical items donated for the care packs from chapel members. A few of the items included in the care packs were ESV and NIV bibles, The Kingdom of God and the Bible pamphlets, tissues, toiletries, gloves, socks, combs, water bottles, the Garden Outreach postcard with Bible verse, and snacks. Each bag included the Richmond Christadelphian Chapel’s address, website, and phone number as a contact for those receiving the care packs. The seventy-six care packs will be distributed by Richmond Christadelphian Chapel members directly to those seen in need and to those experiencing homelessness on the streets throughout the Richmond and surrounding areas.

Attached are a few pictures from the day as well as receipts of some of the items purchased using the $250 from the Garden Outreach. We would like to thank you for providing the $250 financial grant to make this day a success!


The Richmond Christadelphian Chapel Outreach Committee