April 2023
Verdugo Hills Ecclesia
Verdugo Hills, CA
Recipient: LA Family Housing   Initiative: BagsofLove

The Verdugo Hills Ecclesia in Southern California has been active donors for decades to a local nonprofit called LA Housing. Their mission is to end homelessness in the lives of children and adults across Los Angeles. Our ecclesia has helped in donating such things as the makings for Thanksgiving meals, gift cards, useful household and hygiene items as well as hosting birthday parties. The “Bags of Love” initiative sponsored by WCF was a perfect way to continue to support LA Housing and their mission. LA Housing’s Outreach program “uses street-based outreach and in person engagement to begin the process of moving people home.  Each family that walks through their door and each homeless individual they meet on the streets, has a unique set of needs that must be addressed to begin the journey from street to home. The Outreach and Engagement process helps LA Housing learn as much as they can about each participant  and develop a personalized plan of action to permanent housing.” Terryl Lotka, Donations Coordinator | LA Family Housing , assured us that the sleeping bags are always in need and will be a great resource to give to those in need who are sleeping on the streets.