December 2021
Southern New Hampshire Ecclesia
Nashua, New Hampshire
Recipient: Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter (NSKS)   Initiative: Bags of Love

The Southern New Hampshire Ecclesia is two blocks from the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter (NSKS) which is the largest kitchen and shelter in Nashua, NH.

As food insecurity and homelessness has increased in Nashua, the NSKS moved to new quarters expanding their facility to accommodate the increase of vulnerable area residents needing their food pantry, meal provisions, and shelter. They grow a vegetable garden in the summer which provides some fresh food and herbs which they use in their kitchen, and they have a program which provides 3 meals a day to children, year round. They are a valuable resource for area residents and are known for the dignified way they serve their patrons.

Our ecclesia has supported the NSKS for two decades, and we were so happy that The Garden provided the much needed sleeping bags as we’re heading into a New England winter. The needy are always with us, and we help them as we can. Thank you WCF and The Garden.

Pictured are Erika from the NSKS’s Community Outreach on the left, and Sis. Jane Dixon on the right.