December 2021
Church of the Blessed Hope, Ohio
North East Ohio
Recipient: Sub Zero Mission   Initiative: Bags of Love

The Church of the Blessed Hope in Chesterland, Ohio stuffed 50 blessing bags for the homeless, to donate to the Sub Zero mission, along with the 20 sleeping bags that we received from The Garden. The blessing bags were thoroughly equipped with useful supplies including hand crank flashlights, collapsible cups, Mylar heating blankets, ponchos, and many other blessings!

Doing an Amazon search for homeless bags was especially helpful to find the best and most efficient ideas for what homeless find most useful. Then an Amazon wish list was created and shared with our ecclesia so that things could easily be purchased and shipped to one place and then organized at the church for packing.

Prayers for each bag were offered up and we pray the hearts of the children that helped were especially touched and moved for future service. Thanks to The Garden for your support.

A sister volunteered to provide a light lunch so we could also have fellowship time.