October 2020
Boise Ecclesia
Boise, Idaho
Recipient: Corpus Christi   Initiative: Bags of Love

The Idaho Ecclesia received your newsletter late September and discussed participation the first Sunday of October. All members were eager and excited for the opportunity. Contact was made with Sister Ani Beeler, Sister Heide Molinaro, and Brother Jason Grant. 20 sleeping bags were received on Oct. 16 , the same day 20 plus cards arrived.

Corpus Christi House homeless shelter, Boise Idaho, was chosen to receive the donation. Three members and myself ( half of our ecclesia) delivered the sleeping bags on October 21. Stephanie, our contact, and other staff at the shelter were overjoyed and insisted on taking several photos of us as well.

We decided to take on the cost of putting together 20 care packs and had divided up the items to be included Sunday Oct. 18. We assembled the packs, including the cards and other material, on Sunday Oct. 25 and delivered them on the following Friday Oct. 30, the same day the flyers arrived . The staff wanted to know more about us and welcomed the contact information and materials provided.

Our ecclesia decided to continue to keep a presence with the shelter and has had opportunity to donate clothing, coats, many gloves and knit hats, also ground coffee. We are collecting food items for hot meals and sack lunches, also laundry soap. We again thank the Garden Team for the opportunity, inspiration, and ongoing breath of fresh air these outreach initiatives provide our ecclesia and those effected by this good work.

Our love in Jesus Christ,

Idaho ecclesia

We would like to say thanks to Theodore Long and his team for the sleeping bags donations and other items.

Because of your generosity, we were able to keep some guests warm at night and something to sleep in.

Thank you for your donations to Corpus Christi. We are blessed to have you as a donor and know that you care about helping the homeless as much as we do.

Steph Vaughan, Operations Co-ordinator