August 2021
Pittsburgh Ecclesia
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Recipient: Riverview School District   Initiative: Kits4Kids

“And who is my Neighbor?”

On February 19, 1968, Pittsburgh TV station WQED aired its first Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood program. This children’s show, hosted by Fred Rogers, has become an iconic symbol for Pittsburgh. Mr. Rogers taught children to be kind and neighborly, and Pittsburghers are proud of being a part of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

So, when The Garden announced the Kits4Kids program, we Pittsburgh Christadelphians felt it was our neighborly duty to participate. We ordered our backpacks and filled them with useful and fun school supplies. Our speedy delivery was just in time for the first day of school in the district where our ecclesia is located.

Mrs. Gross, the Guidance Counsellor, said they were much appreciated, as they had just registered several new families that day. So, they could be put to immediate use. There are two neighborhood elementary schools and a Jr/Sr High in the district. She planned on sharing the backpacks out to all three schools. This was possible because the packs were plain, and the supplies were not particularly age-limited.

So, who is our neighbor? I John 3:17-18 has the answer:

But whoever has worldly goods and sees his brother or sister in need, and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God remain in him? Little children, let’s not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.”