September 2021
South Ozone Park Ecclesia
Far Rockaway, NY
Recipient: Public School 104, Bayswater, Far Rockaway, NY   Initiative: Kits4Kids

We participated in the 2021 Garden Outreach Project Kits4Kids. We received 48 backpacks and filled them with school supplies for 5th graders utilizing supplies suggestions.

Backpacks were donated to Principal, Deirdre Mc Shane, Public School 104, Bayswater, Far Rockaway, NY. I can’t say how long it took because purchasing and packing were done at intervals. Mainly, three of us did the packaging and one of us did the purchasing.

We had great response. Two sisters contributed financially to the purchasing of school supplies.. The principal was very grateful for the donation of backpacks and expressed how appreciative the students will be to receive them. My husband, Bro. Leonard, and I presented the donation to them. The principal explained that because of the pandemic she couldn’t have us go into the school building but met with us. The Parents Coordinator, her son and her husband took the donation into the school building. The Parent Coordinator mentioned to the Principal that she will put aside 15 back packs for needy students who were not at Summer school. The Principal asked us to go back next year, God willing.

This is a great project. I have been working as a Substitute Teacher in the Public School System for a few months now. The students receive free notebooks but some students purchase special types of notebooks. May be we can brainstorm together. As you know God has been taken out of the school system. The students really need home training so that they can be better behaved at school.

How can we reach out to parents or the school? We can preach without using God’s name. We can utilize Biblical concept. How can we encourage Christadelphian writers to write children’s educational books? It is a huge market. We can touch many young lives with God’s help. That’s something for us to think about.