April 2021
Beaverton, Oregon
Recipient: Helping Hands   Initiative: Knit2Gether

So after a year of lock-down, I’d loom-knitted about 20 beanies. Time to add the knit2gether labels and package the beanies in cellophane bags. Sealing the beanies en-mass in a zip lock bag, or individual bags was recommended by an outreach knitting guru at one of our online knit2gether sessions. This is because charities that provide clothing need to ensure that the items haven’t been handled for a ten day period, to ensure that COVID-19 cannot be spread. This advice turned out to be invaluable.

I drove down to my usual drop-off charity – HomePlate Youth Services in Beaverton (about 2 miles from the ecclesial hall). The staff there were very helpful – but they already had an overflow of beanies. Sounds like I’m not the only person who got creative during the pandemic. I was advised to take my beanies to Family Promise of Beaverton – an alternative charity about six miles away.

I found myself at a huge Presbyterian Church, trying unsuccessfully to locate the Family Promise offices. Providentially, there were “Helping Hand” volunteers at the same church, handing out food to a long line of about 20 cars. I asked staff if they could direct me to Family Promise – but the charity had moved! I noticed on the Helping Hands sign that it said they helped those in need with food AND clothing, so I asked whether they would like my beanies. A very nice volunteer said, “Well, we’re not accepting clothing due to COVID restrictions – but we can accept your beanies because they’re sealed.” Yippee! The staff were super grateful, and I left the beanies in good hands.