March 2021
More from the Boise, Idaho Ecclesia
Recipient: Corpus Christi   Initiative: Bags of Love

Brother Ted Long and the Idaho Ecclesia are continuing to support the Corpus Christi Charity: “Corpus Christi House has continued to be a place where the homeless population of Boise can come during the day for a place to stay cool in the summer or warm up in the winter. Corpus Christi House offers a place to receive the human dignity that each person deserves and find support in community.”

From Ted:

Our thanks to the garden team for the continued support !  We included the second round of sleeping bags , cards and flyers with our ongoing outreach ! I recruited  a friend and neighbor who took photos and helped deliver the donations on March 12th.

“Many hands make light of the work”   Thanks to everyone involved in these initiatives !

Love in Jesus Christ

T. Long – Idaho ecclesia