January 2021
Saanich Peninsula Ecclesia
Victoria, British Columbia
Recipient: Sandy Merriman House   Initiative: Bags of Love

My brother contacted me to let me know that someone we both care about very much was in the Sandy Merriman Shelter for homeless women in Victoria BC. By the time we got a gift to bring the individual of concern, she had already moved on, deciding not to accept the shelter and rehabilitation program being offered.

After speaking with the shelter manager I learned they were in desperate need of sleeping bags given new COVID 19 restrictions limit spaces available. Sleeping bags are given out at the door when there is no room in the shelter. I also learned that they needed personal hygiene supplies and women’s clothing in large sizes. The shelter rarely has women’s undergarments and clothes in large sizes, and this can cause embarrassment for women to not find size appropriate items.

A request to my brothers and sisters of the Saanich Peninsula ecclesia was met with an abundance of large size women’s undergarments, clothing and dental hygiene supplies that we were able to deliver with the 24 sleeping bags.

Love in Christ, Sister Maureen Herbert