March 2023
Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia
Stroudsburg, PA
Recipient: The Angel's Closet   Initiative: Grants

Once again this Spring, the Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia donated to The Angel’s Closet in Stroudsburg PA. We have contributed to this organization for the past four years, providing baby essentials such as formula, diapers, infant clothes and baby hats knitted by one of our sisters. These items are assembled into layettes for needy mothers and delivered to the maternity ward of the local hospital where they are sent home with families in need.

This year, our ecclesia applied for a $200.00 grant from The Garden which, along with ecclesial donations, allowed us to provide even more items during this time of economic stress for so many families.

We’ve enjoyed building a relationship with the Angel’s Closet organization over the years, they are always so grateful for the assistance and are happy to let us include contact information about Christadelphians in the layettes. Our prayer is that these small efforts will be used by our Father and for his glory.