June 2023
Shelburne Ecclesia
Shelburne, ON
Recipient: Shepherd's Cupboard Food Bank   Initiative: Food4Friends

Thank you again for offering this opportunity to help the poor & hungry in our community. My husband, Jim Davin, and I each received a US cheque in the amount of $100 US, for which we each received $130 CAN. We were not able to gather the young people at this time, so we completed the project ourselves today.

I had emailed a couple of days ago to find out what items are most needed at our Shepherd’s Cupboard Shelburne Food Bank, so we bought these items (canned fruit, cereal, canned pasta sauce, diapers) with the grant money, plus some of our own. My, they were SO happy to receive the items! (Especially the diapers, which are expensive, and which many of their clients need!)  Incidentily, when I was choosing the cereal at the store, I was choosing lower sugar items, but my hubby said I should buy some sugary ones for the kids…. and he was right! As we were delivering the items today, a client had asked the food bank staff for Honey Nut Cheerios if they had it, and that was right on top of my pile! So she was able to make her child happy because of YOU and your program! The food bank lady I talked to today asked to take my photo for their website, so I let her know the donations were from a Christadelphian organization.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to be helpful.

With love in our generous Lord and Saviour,

Ruth Anne