We’re happy to share the following stories and experiences, as written by individuals and ecclesias who have participated in outreach initiatives.

Our hope is that by sharing these stories, others will be encouraged and inspired to do the same whenever the opportunity arises (Galatians 6:10).

November 2020
Barrie Ecclesia
Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Recipient: Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
Here are some members of the Barrie Ecclesia dropping of the sleeping bags as well as some care packages we made that included hats and mitts, hygiene items, a Bible and the Bible Hope book. We delivered them to the Lighthouse soup kitchen and shelter in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. In the picture is Bro Bruce …
November 2020
Springfield Ecclesia
Brattleboro, Vermont
Recipient: Ground Works, Our Place, Turning Point Recovery Center
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
This morning I rounded up some teenagers. We unboxed the sleeping bags and added a large print New Testament with a contact information card tucked inside to each bag. The card has some Bible learning websites as well as our ecclesial website and address printed on it. We delivered the sleeping bags today to three …
November 2020
San Francisco Peninsula Ecclesia
Sparks Reno, Nevada
Recipient: Good Shepherd's Clothes Closet
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
My Experience: I was inspired by the Bags of Love Appeal due to the homeless situation and lack of affordable housing in the Sparks Reno Area of Nevada. It’s an old story: The Endowment Effect and Loss Aversion play out in the Real Estate Market and those in the lower range of median income suffer, …
November 2020
Portland Ecclesia
Beaverton, Oregon
Recipient: HomePlate Youth Services
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
The Portland Christadelphian meeting room is located in Beaverton, about ten miles away from downtown Portland, Oregon. Shockingly, there are around 2000 children (K-12) who are affected by homelessness in the Beaverton School district, yet there is only one non-profit organization that specifically helps homeless youth: HomePlate. Heart-breakingly, there are around 400 of these children …
October 2020
Cranston Ecclesia
Cranston, Rhode Island
Recipient: Providence Rescue Mission
Initiative: Bags of Love Initiative 2020
We delivered 20 sleeping bags to the Providence Rescue Mission, a shelter that makes it their goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to every unhoused person that comes through their doors.
October 2020
Sylvia Grant
Ontario, Canada
Recipient: Youth Haven
Initiative: Grant
Thank you so much to The Garden Outreach Project for your generous grant toward offsetting grocery costs for Youth Haven in Barrie. The Youth Haven is the County’s only emergency shelter for youth experiencing homelessness.